DIY Moss Christmas Tree – Cheap & Easy Happy New Year Home Decor Party Project

  1. Using sponge to paint your mini clay pot with white paint, let some space uncover for a rustic look, let it dry.
  2. Using sand paper to make your white paint layer rustic & incomplete look.
  3. Hot glue the mini Styrofoam ball to the pot.
  4. Cover the Styrofoam cone with faux floral moss, secure the moss with hot glue all the way.
  5. Insert your tree branch into the cone, using hot glue to secure it.
  6. Insert the other side of that tree branch to the mini Styrofoam ball inside your clay pot.
  7. Cover that Styrofoam ball with faux moss, hot glue the moss to secure.
  8. Make a little star with white pipe cleaner, hot glue the star to the Styrofoam moss ball, add mini pine cone and done!

Many thanks to www.weheartit.com for image inspiration. Visit them for even more!

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