Top 9 Living Room Decor Ideas Under $100 – Cheap & Easy DIY Interior Design Project

The 9 Best Living Room Decor Ideas for 2017


Every home is a store full of million different stories. Impeccable home decor is everyone’s chief agenda after spending bucks on a house. Now this does not mean you need to look up for a pricey interior designer to meet the need. Functionality and elegance can adorn your house even without an external help.

Embellishing the living room decor beyond perfection is challenging but totally pragmatic and worth the effort, money, and time. You celebrate magical moments in that one corner of the house. Pamper your living room with loads of creative ideas and inspirational designs.

Lucky for you, we have this round up to help you in creating a high-end living room, which only ‘appears’ expensive!

1) Floating shelves: Anchored floating shelves are all the rage this year. They are a combined source of utility and decoration. The best part is that there are various types of floating shelves to impress your taste.



Display a story in a creative way via your shelf. Nothing binges down the narrative of a photo gallery. Or else, dig in some old artifact stores and vaunt them by picking up rustic shelves in wooden shelves made from pallets. The best thing is that a floating shelf wont be that expensive as you think, you can find a lot of affordable floating shelves online.

If the love for lavish alcohol overpowers your soul, set up a wine glass shelf and flaunt your glass stemwares. This is the best fit for a contemporary decor.

2) Curtains: While hanging your curtains, remember the rule ‘Hide and Wide’. The curtain rod must be hung from a height higher than the window height and the width of the window pane. These few inches take away the grace of your window.

Revitalize the window-curtain design by setting up a florid and designer lamp right above the window.



The living room flaunts a testament to your aesthetic belief since it is like the cover of your house; the first place your guests visit. Pare down the extra dramatic curtains if you want a serene and sober look. Use white, lemon, lime green, beige, and cyan combinations for the same.

To create a bright appeal, tone up with combinations of yellow and orange, red and pink, blue and violet that are close variants of each other.

3) Lighting: There are two benefits of using fancy lighting. They look astonishingly charming and illuminate the room in a scintillating fashion. Chandeliers add grace but they look too over the board. Alternately, you can transmute an old chandelier into a designer lighting source by covering it with drum shades.

Give a try to the Neon lights for portraying an artistic structure. They supplement the room with vibrancy and cheerfulness. Select the best suitable thought or notion to be reflected through these Neon lights as they will garner attention. Painting on the wall backdrop decorated through Neon lighting has the buzz.

Use bright postal colors in the area of natural lighting.

4) Bookcase: Skillfully decorated bookcases are an embodiment of the intellectual appeal of your living area. Instead of going for regular bookcase design in wooden, paint them in the shade of background wall.

If different is your style, elaborate the bookshelves with suitable pictures or paintings at the opening. If the living area is painted monochromatic, make it pulsating with colorful books and bookshelves.



Bookshelves with differently-sized slots confer a graphical glamor. Don’t shy away from trying out different shapes, sizes, depths, and enhancements. This gives a visual interest to the book area.

Other than the books, dedicate one slot of your bookshelf to decorative pieces of display. This way you can make the most out of a single bookshelf.

5) Colors: Your living room should be a place where you can spend, peaceful luxury time escaping the world. Be a Bohemian and play with unconventional dashes of colors. Rich textures and graphic illusions can be created through appropriate color combination choice. If you hail from the artists-zone, mix and match bright colors, or zone out with black-white-grey synergy.

Follow this advice for great looking walls through color play: Pick the best wallpapers if you can’t settle for simple paint. You will easily find a remarkable design and exotic color mix. Lining through Gold, Silver, or Copper color will provide richness and appropriate shine where needed. The love for wallpapers is only growing with time.

Apart from the walls, you can experiment with the colors of your furniture. Select a color theme and go with it.

6) Antiques: Using antiques for decoration requires intellectual styling tricks. You can not turn your house into a museum by dispersing the antiques throughout. It is your house; you decide the design.

Bring down the whole classic appeal in a concentrated manner to a corner. This way, it can become an area of vivid interest for your guests.

Contradictory to this, there is another way equally appealing. Instead of a corner full of antique, mismatch the design with new and old variants of art. A floral painting of the medieval and contemporary era stacked next to one another! A collection of old cutlery next to the latest collection! The sparkling next to the dull – That’s the idea.

7) Wall Clocks: They should be an inevitable part of every living room. Your living area is a place where you can binge watch favorite shows together, read books in utter silence, and play indoor games together. This area ought to have a wall clock.

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