Top 9 Living Room Decor Ideas Under $100 – Cheap & Easy DIY Interior Design Project



Paintings and wall hangings are great but nothing replaces the appeal and demeanor of a timepiece. Pick the color of your wall clock wisely. If you desire synonymous background and wall colors, go for a big wall with the dial and arms of a contrast color. If the wall is painted neutral and monotonous, pick a petite but multi-colored wall clock.

Add drama by placing the wall clock at unexpected areas. A huge Roman wall clock next to your dining table or in the middle of the wall will look Fantastic.

8) Pillows: If you thought pillows could only be suited on expensive sofas in your drawing room, you’ve been illusioned all these years.



Floor pillows are so much fun and can explicitly compliment the informal feel of your living room. Reading a book or morning newspapers can be pleasurable while seating oneself on big floor pillows. Also, you can recreate a comfy recreation zone by setting up comfy mattresses stuffed up with irregularly sized pillows. High-heighted pillows for which the formal word is pouf, can be a replacement for chairs in the room.

Use interesting colors to bring out the fancy appeal. White-washed and rustic walls look the best with multi-colored pillows.

9) Mirrors: These reflector glasses are not limited to finding a place in your dressing room and washroom. They can play a pivotal part in your living room decor as well.

If your living area is challenged in terms of space, mirrors can create illusionary space. They are another great way to beautify your walls.

Present a collection of fine archaic mirrors mounted next to each other. Gold, silver and copper boundaries would look fantastic for an ancient style.

If going for one mirror, avoid a circular or square shaped mirror which is too obvious. Use a horizontally or vertically rectangular mirror with a bold black outline. Nothing beats this look which is simple yet so effective.


Having mentioned these decor hacks, bear in mind not to jumble them all. Serenity is a reflection of class. You have the best of the ideas for living room decor in 2017. Use them wisely!

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