Many people are not aware of the various health problems that can occur with the neck. The neck, which consists of the bones of the head, is often subjected to a lot of daily causes that can lead to neck problems. The disorder known as Neck Pain, referred to as a pain that may be felt in the neck region and is in turn linked to disorders of the cervical spine. The current statistics suggest that 9 out of 10 people in Los Angeles CA experience neck pain at some point during their lives. Here is how Los Angeles neck pain helps in reducing neck pain.

The Cervical Disc

The human cervical disc, called discs in lay terminology, is a cushion-like area, formed by the outer annulus fibrosis and the inner nucleus pulposus. The cervical discs act like a shock absorber, helping to reduce the jarring effect of the various movements of the neck. The cervical discs also help in shifting the pressures that may have accumulated between the vertebrae, thereby preventing pain and stiffness caused by this pressure.

The Cervical Spine

The spine is a column of bones that is part of the vertebral column, which supports the head and upper body on the lower body. The cervical spine, also known as the neck region, is located in front of the spinal cord and hence close to the brain. The cervical spine comprises of 7 vertebrae that are attached to each other by ligaments and muscles. The discs of the cervical spine are made up of fibrous tissues, which tend to be more susceptible to damage. The cervical discs can become worn out with age and hence can suffer from degeneration, which is also called wear and tear. When the disc degenerates, it loses its ability to cushion the vertebrae of the spinal cord against the shock produced by motion. Artificial Disc Replacement

Artificial disc replacement is a surgical procedure in which the degenerated disc is replaced with an artificial one made of a plastic material. The artificial disc replacement may be performed to alleviate pain caused by the degeneration of the cervical discs before they get damaged to such an extent that they cannot be repaired. The artificial disc replacement, however, is not considered as effective as it can only substitute the function of the worn out or damaged discs and cannot entirely restore mobility and suppleness to the spine.

With artificial disc replacement, the cervical discs are replaced with an artificial disc made of plastic materials in order to reduce discomfort and pain caused by degeneration. Forget about neck pain, artificial disc replacement is the best option to alleviate pain, stiffness and suffering of a patient.

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