One time or the other, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to retain the services of an attorney. Whether it’s for a criminal charge or civil litigation, an attorney will assist when necessary and legal advice when requested. Legal assistance is available for free from many bar associations. For those that require professional legal representation, there are attorneys to help navigate the labyrinth of law as well as protect their interests.

Why you might need professional legal representation

1. A legal charge

If you’ve committed a crime, the police and the prosecuting attorney will arrest you on sight. Once arrested, you will most likely be taken to the nearest police station where you will be booked and fingerprinted. If it’s a serious crime or if you have several offenses on your record, the charging process may take several hours. In many cases, however, this process can be expedited in as little as one hour upon the arrival of your appointed attorney at the police station.

2. Civil litigation

If you’re the victim of a personal injury or a civil lawsuit, an attorney will not only act as your legal representative but will also protect your rights. For example, in cases involving trespassing, you may be pressured to sign a waiver thus admitting your faults and foregoing any future claims. This can be prevented by having an attorney present. In situations where injuries have occurred, facing the accused individual without an attorney present can be overwhelming as the accused may use pressure tactics to coerce the victim into settling out of court. In such cases, it is good to have an attorney from the start.

3. Personal injury claims

A lawyer will assess the credibility of your case and advise you accordingly. Be sure to find a reliable attorney that offers free consultations. After all, research is a key part of retaining the services of an attorney and ensuring that your case is in good hands.

4. Divorce proceedings

If you’re getting divorced, having an attorney on your side can help prevent any complications arising from false accusations and frivolous claims made by former partners. If you’re being accused of harming your spouse, having a lawyer will enable you to plead your innocence. An attorney can also help prevent any false claims made by former partners thereby expediting child custody and child support arrangements.

5. Will writing

If you want to make sure that your last wishes are carried out after your demise, it’s important to have a will written in order. A will is vital because it ensures that your assets are distributed according to the terms outlined in the document. If you’re not prepared for such an eventuality, a lawyer can help draft a will to make sure your rights are protected after your death.


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